Section 9 Designs

About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that when it comes to web design, a site must be clear and concise with how it presents itself. It must be easily accessible to as many people as possible. Not everyone will be using browsers that can easily display images and rich media content, so we want our sites to be accessible for those with both text only and speech browsers as well. With the use of XHTML and CSS, we can accomplish this by adhering to web accessibility standards, as set by the World Wide Web Consortium, to ensure maximum accessibility for your website, be it a personal web site, portfolio web site, or business web site.

We want people who visit your web site to experience everything it has to offer.

The Company

Section 9 Designs is a digital design company based in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. We provide stunning design solutions for a wide variety of satisfied clients, both domestic and overseas.

Whether your business is large, small, or perhaps requires custom design overhaul, we always deliver top-quality service and will easily create the perfect image you have been searching for.

For further inquiries, or a free consultation, please contact us by using our online contact page.

Ron Chiu

Ron Chiu attended Sheridan College from 1997-1998 taking their Art Fundamentals program, and then Seneca College's School of Communication Arts for their Illustration-Technical/Digital Media Arts program from 1998-2000. During his college years, he explored and further improved his traditional art skills in drawing and design, and learned digital art and web design skills with Adobe's and Macromedia's software suites.

Since then, he has worked as a designer/digital artist for CustomerDNA, Bimm Communications Group, E3 Consulting, Eaton Media and founded Section 9 Designs in May of 2003.

Recently he went back to Seneca College, taking their webmaster program, to upgrade his skills, and is now up-to-date with current standards in web accessibility and web development trends.